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We are skilled at analyzing your unique needs so that you can concentrate on operating your business while we take care of growing your customer base.

The team is led by Jacky Humphries who is a strategic digital, brand, sales, marketing and communications, results-focused, executive. Jacky has more than 20 years of director and C-level experience and is well suited to assist you in your sales and marketing journey.


Jacky Humphries

Jacky Humphries



Jacky has a commendable record of innovative brand, communications and commercial marketing solutions. Developing and using successful actionable plans, she is able to ensure measurable results. Her services have included assisting companies facing digital competitive market challenges and start-up opportunities in new countries, especially in the emerging markets. Jacky is recognized across a number of industries as being highly skilled in strategic digital brand, sales, communications and marketing. She demonstrates exceptional planning, organizational alignment, finance, sales, internal controls, and marketing process improvement skills. Fundamental to her work is that she embraces cultural sensitivity and has a customer-centric philosophy.

Some of her professional achievements include:

  • Advisory board member of the Africa Charter of the CMO Council
  • Senior Vice President of Finance at the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ Board (IAMS)
  • Senior Vice President of Finance at the International Institute of Marketing Professionals IIMP™
Mikayla Humphries

Mikayla Humphries

Managing Director


With an honors degree in Fine Art, majoring in Print Media, New Media and Art History, Mikayla is the Creative & Managing Director of the team. She has more than 10 years experience in graphic design and digital marketing project management. In addition, her expertise includes videography, photography, brand imaging, book design and web design. The benefits of her artistic training include critical reflection skills, cultural sensitivity, innovation skills, an understanding of people – what motivates and engages them, as well as the ability to see ‘the big picture’.

Mikayla is a detailed individual with excellent business development skills, hands on knowledge of directing the activities of all brand, communications and marketing projects for our clients. She has first hand experience in developing digital marketing strategies and plans. Furthermore her experience in supervising our brand, communications and marketing ecosystem across different functions facilitates the overall high level of customer service our clients have experienced.

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