Would you like to join our ‘Interns in Action’ program?


Are you passionate about digital marketing, advertising, design and customer service? Then you are at the right place! Our interns don’t fetch coffee or make copies. They engage in exciting opportunities that apply their education, allow them to network, and help them learn about digital marketing and themselves.

Do you have the relevant ambition and drive and think that you have what it takes to be a part of a global digital marketing company as an intern? You could be exactly what Infinipod is looking for. Apply to be a part of our ‘Interns in Action” team now.

Career Development

Promotion and career advancement are just some of the ways in which we put our staff first. We are passionate about career development and we want our staff to evolve and grow as our business grows. We use this to allow them to produce outstanding work for our clients’ brands.


We are passionate about constantly evolving our staff so that they have the skills and ability to offer your brand outstanding service. We invest in detail-orientated training so that your brand receives quality service. In this way, our staff progress and grow which allows your brand to receive enhanced performance and optimal marketing services. Therefore, ongoing training, skills development, and new product training are regular programmes at Infinipod.


We put our people first and know that employee’s happiness is a key aspect to any successful business, which is why we value team building. In order to be happy, we need to connect with each other and communicate our experience. Outsourcing is about human connection and we believe that a positive, happy environment is vital in our advancement towards future marketing innovations.

Reward & Recognition

We reward and recognise our staff by offering monetary bonuses and preferential shifts as a result of providing outstanding, exemplary work commended by our clients and their consumers.

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