What we do:

At Infinipod we believe that growing the digital reach of our clients’ businesses is critical to achieving revenue, engagement, brand, and communication objectives. We offer key services, which can be bundled together or activated independently, that maximize brand awareness, audience growth and ultimately monetization goals.

We help brands achieve significant and unprecedented growth with our innovative approach to communication, brand and digital marketing. Through creating and implementing digital marketing plans we are confident that you will attain your goals and grow your business. And we love what we do.


Infinipod focuses on five core service areas:


1. STRATEGY: Marketing and social media – Hire one of the emerging market’s foremost strategists to create a vision for your business or develop a corrective course of action.


2. INTERIM MARKETING MANAGEMENT – Jacky Humphries is known as a successful and skilled Communications, Brand and Digital Marketing professional and is highly-rated among clients across many markets (and industries) in the world. Hiring Jacky guarantees you’ll get immediate traction whether it’s people, products or processes while you continue looking for the perfect permanent employee.


3. TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS – Elevate your staff to new digital marketing competencies with custom training.


4. SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION – An essential service to assess your current marketing strategy and drive new value from your content and social media marketing efforts.


5.  DIGITAL SKILLS TRANSFORMATION – It’s clear that in this digital world, marketing is no longer a function of the IT team alone. It is critical to create a digital culture where content, analytics and data drive success. With a unique background of marketing leadership and marketing organizational development, Jacky Humphries and the Infinipod team are suitably qualified to help you drive the cultural changes needed to create a modern digital organization.

We help create and implement digital marketing plans that will attain your goals and grow your business.  Whether you need a full-service partner or a strategic guide, we’re here for you.  Here are some of the tools we use to get this done:

Infinipod Digital Marketing Interim Management

For a defined period of time, this service strengthens our clients’ executive team, lead organizational changes, delivers a critical programme, fills unexpected gaps in a company, restructures the organization or turn around of under-performing projects or divisions. This is  for the client who needs the rapid delivery of senior, experienced ‘hands on’ executives.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization SEO

With our SEO audit and advisory, we can direct more traffic to your website.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Web Optimization

We increase your search engine rankings and target web site traffic for a better return on investment.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram…you name it!

Infinipod Digital Marketing Mobile Strategy

We optimize your online strategy across multiple digital platforms.

Infinipod Digital Marketing E-Commerce Roadmaps

We define the buyer’s path in order to achieve revenue, engagement & brand awareness goals.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Graphic Design

We align functionality, practicality and form with aesthetics.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Video Visual Marketing

We take advantage of the rise of video popularity, delivering increased brand engagement & reach.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Display Advertising

We use elements such as images, audio and video to communicate an advertising message.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

With PPC, we direct more traffic to your website.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Lead Nurturing & Scoring

We identify and target leads that need nurturing in order to increase interest & engagement.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Email Marketing

We increase brand awareness and share-ability with a measurable, cost-efficient strategy.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Content Creation

Our content audits, advisory and creation is made with your business strategy in mind. We provide unique, tailor-made content that aims to deliver relevance, resonance & reach.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Dataset Analysis

Expressed in channel specific traffic parameters, bounce rates, event tracking and flow visualization, we translate all this into metrics which you can understand and that indicate the health of your online marketing strategy.

Infinipod Digital Marketing Copyrighting & Blog Management

We support search engine optimization with quality content.

These interlocking tools need some help, though.

While all of these interlocking tools are used simultaneously, they also need to be placed within a bigger context. The efficiency and optimization of these tools is supported through the following actions and metrics, where together we can see what is working and what needs to be adjusted:

  • Strategic Business Consulting
  • Strategic and Operational Brand Consulting and Alignment
  • Market Research
  • Conversion Optimization

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