Email Marketing

Save time and money with our automated marketing campaign solutions and improve your online interactions.

Benefits of Email Marketing



You can target a specific audience based on geography, age, income, or whatever suits your needs – as long as you have the user data. Want to send a coupon to the 20-25 year old females in a specific zip code for no extra cost? *click* and it’s done!

Low cost

Save on marketing costs and improve online interaction. Nothing is more satisfying to business than maximising profits and the
potential for ROI on email marketing is extremely high. Email marketing supports a
green initiative since no paper is used in this digital medium.

Global reach

There are no boundaries with email marketing and, similarly, online customer engagement. Advertisers are able to get repeat business that is affordable and automatically generated to keep customers familiar with their brand as often as possible without being intrusive.

Build brand loyalty

Engage with your customers personally on a regular basis and encourage repeat purchases. With regular newsletters or promotions, email also has the ability to
help build a relationship of trust and loyalty with a customer.

Measurable results

Special tools are available to you that accurately measure click-through rate, conversation rate etc. The insights you can gain from this data can be very helpful in optimizing future emails and targeting.


Email allows you to greet, and target every person individually by name. By using email marketing segmentation, you can send messages to smaller groups within your larger list to improve results for specifically targeted campaigns.

Increase leads

Boost conversions and gain high-quality leads by creating a database of interested potential customers.

Instant reach

Emails can reach a substantial number of subscribers in a very short time period.


You can initiate campaigns using videos, graphics, music, quizzes, a game etc. Getting your customers to engage with you is important when building a relationship and establishing a brand image. Email marketing
lets you push a message to your clients, as opposed to a website that waits for customers to come in.

How we do it

You’ll work closely with one of our dedicated account managers to discuss your business objectives and goals. Then our in-house email marketing professionals take over, researching your industry, competitors and past
performances to tailor and roll out a unique strategy to suit your needs. Our comprehensive in-house email marketing services include customised template design with agile layout options, database segmentation, content creation, distribution and reporting.

And the biggest advantage of handling the entire process under one roof? The ability to constantly monitor the success of your mailers and adjust for optimal results as we go.

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