Interim Marketing Management

Experienced interim marketing management is one of the most important factors behind the success of any venture. Management visionary Peter F. Drucker called interim contracted marketing management, ‘Intellectual Capital on Demand’.  At Infinipod we offer interim management for the rapid delivery of senior, experienced ‘hands on’ executives for a defined period of time to:

  • strengthen our clients’ executive team,
  • lead organizational change,
  • deliver a critical programme,
  • fill unexpected gaps in a company,
  • restructure the organization or turn around under-performing projects or divisions.

Why Choose Interim Marketing Management

CMO level experience as and when you need it.


Senior, experienced ‘hands on’ executives for a defined period of time.  Whether it’s for 1 month, 3 months or even 6 months, we have the executives who can assist you. There is no defined rule; we listen to your needs and provide the right solution for you and your business.

Pay as you go!

Avoid over-paying executives  who you need for a set period of time. Let us connect you with a senior executive for the amount of time you need them. The right talent for the exact number of days you require their services, to deliver agreed business outcomes gives you the best bang for your buck!

Implement brand, communications and digital strategies

The fact that the business goes on but you do not have the necessary skilled resource to assist you as you continue your search for the right person, is potentially a big problem. Our trained interim executives have cross-industry, cross-functional expertise and are here to assist you no matter how big the challenge.

Brand, Communications and Digital audit

We provide executive level management insight into your existing strategies.  We are able to share these insights quickly and will assist you to accelerate your brand, communications or marketing goals promptly.  Our goal is to hit the ground running as quickly as possible ensuring that you get the leverage you require from interim management overall.

Executive resources 'on tap'

Change happens all the time in organizations especially when it comes to people.  Resources leave, relocate and get head-hunted all the time. We provide the right skill at the right time to assist you while you continue your search.


Project management

If you have a critical project that requires particular experience and expertise and the right talent is not available internally, we will provide the executive who has been there and done that.  Our experienced executives have worked across industries and functions assisting with core projects which the business probably needs in order to transform.

Why Interim Management?

Companies facing change must move quickly and manage the risks, but experienced change managers are hard to find. Costly compromises often result which delays resolution of critical issues. Qualified managers are becoming scarce and traditional recruitment methods are slow and carry a high opportunity cost. The Infinipod solution accelerates the process and can rapidly provide high calibre executive/s.

Why is this better than a consultant?

Our interim managers are typically experienced, highly qualified, hands-on, pragmatic executives with the skills and abilities to deliver an immediate and lasting impact.

Interim managers differ from consultants because they assume executive responsibility.

They are generally sensibly over-qualified for the assignments they undertake, and have extensive functional and industry experience.

They have successfully addressed similar issues to those faced by their clients.

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