Web and Data Analytics

We measure, collect, analyse and report on website data for the purpose of:

  • Understanding web usage.
  • Optimising user journeys.
  • Improving website effectiveness.

Benefits of Web and Data Analytics



Getting the most out of your Analytics Data it is imperative to setting up KPIs. These can be in the form of eCommerce Conversion Tracking or, alternatively, Goal Conversion Tracking. This is crucial if you want to find out if your website is actually contributing to your business bottom line.

Learn Visitor Behaviour

We will help you assess your content performance and the interaction of
your visitors. This data can then be used to further streamline the visitor’s journey, ultimately leading to more conversions.

Track and optimize current campaigns

When you know where your visitors are coming from and how your traffic sources are converting on your site, you can make adjustments to your campaigns and achieve better ROI.

Optimize future marketing campaigns

With past campaign tracking data in hand you’ll be able to benchmark against it when you consider future campaigns, making your these campaigns even better.

Understand Traffic Sources and Conversions

By understanding where your traffic is coming from and which channels convert you will be better equipped to focus on the areas that need more attention. This will improve the overall performance of all your traffic and conversion drivers.

Benchmark against industry peers

Benchmarking allows you to compare your website’s data with aggregated industry data. This provides valuable context, helping you to set meaningful targets, gain insight into trends occurring across your industry, and find out how you are doing compared to your competition.

How we do it

When you first sign up for our any of our SEO services, we will first evaluate your current Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup. It is critical that everything is setup correctly to ensure data accuracy. The insights you gain from Web and Data Analytics is very depended on the accuracy of the data we gather. Alternatively, should you not have these two Google services activated; Infinipod can setup these accounts on your behalf.
Through consultation with you, the client, we will define the KPIs for your website. If your website is eCommerce enabled we will assist in setting up the eCommerce Conversion Tracking. Should your website not be selling online, with your input, we will define Goals and set those up in Google Analytics.

Getting visitors to your website is just one small part of an overall digital campaign. Learning where the visitors are coming from and how they interact and convert on your website; and making this journey more streamlined will ultimately bring in more business and contribute to your revenue.

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