Social Media Planning & Implementation


At Infinipod we can assist you with your social media strategies, planning and implementation. We’ll help you connect to real people in real time on the social media platform that best suits your brand.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing isn’t just a phase, it’s a necessity in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Increased search engine rankings

We use quality, shareable content to drive traffic to your website and boost your search engine ranking at the same time.

Give your brand a voice

Through effective social media strategies, you’re not only improving opportunities for users to convert, but you’re also humanizing your brand.

Save money

Besides paid, targeted advertisements, Social Media Marketing is free! By creating quality, sharable content, organic reach will increase with no cost to your business.

Improved customer service

Social channels allow users to engage directly with your business. Answer questions, address concerns and acknowledge comments in real time
with real people.

Increased traffic to website

Increase your website click-through rate with social shares and engagement.

Improved brand awareness

Social media means you can get your message out to the right market with
just a click of a button (and a carefully thought-out strategy courtesy
of Infinipod).

Tools that we use to get this done

With your business objectives and goals in mind, our team constantly monitors the metrics across your social media channels to develop a consistent brand persona across platforms.

Content Marketing

We create unique, tailor-made, quality content that aims to deliver relevance, resonance & reach, as well as supports search engine optimization (SEO). Content marketing is potentially the most effective marketing strategy of all time and should form the cornerstone of your overall go-to-market plan.

Web & Data Analytics

We measure, collect, analyse and report on website data for the purpose of:

  • Understanding web usage.
  • Optimising user journeys.
  • Improving website effectiveness.

Digital Design

Our design team creates brand-aligned graphics to suit your digital marketing strategy.

Web Development

We’ll help you build a website that doesn’t just look good on the surface but impresses with its functionality too.

Email Marketing

Save time and money with our automated marketing campaign solutions and improve your online interactions.

Advertising & Campaigns

Increase engagement, brand loyalty and brand awareness with appropriate competitions: sharable, engaging and unique for a variety of different social media platforms.

How we do it

The insights gained from constantly monitoring the metrics on your social media channels help us to develop a consistently awesome brand persona across multiple platforms.

Competitor & Industry Analysis

We’ll conduct industry and competitor analysis and use those insights to craft engaging, shareworthy content and strategize fresh and fun campaigns.


Monthly Reports

You’ll also receive monthly reports so that you can track how your social media channels are performing, see what areas need improvement and plan for future campaigns and development.

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